Moving weekend is upon us! The last move of my life (unless I get all old and my kids give me the boot). Woo hoo!

We have been packing this week. Tonight we will finish it all up and at 8 am tomorrow, John's dad is arriving at the apartment to help us bring stuff down the 3 floors to the U-Haul! My brother and sister in law are also coming, in addition to John's aunt and some cousins.

Hopefully bringing everything downstairs won't be that bad- this will be the worst part of the move. Once everything is in the truck, we will caravan to the house. Since we don't have an actual driveway, we can just back the truck straight up to the front door and just carry everything in!

Our floors should be dry in time for us tomorrow.. they should be today as well. However; nothing about the floors has gone as it should.
1- The estimator didn't show up on Saturday to pick up the keys like he said he would. He didn't answer his phone, didn't call to let us know... nothing. He didn't answer/call on Sunday either. Monday was a holiday, but we really had to get those keys to him so work could start on Tuesday. After we left a message at the office, we got a huffy call back from him and he came to get the key.

John went to the house yesterday to check out the floors and pay the guys-
2- The floor was not stained. If it was, it was not the color we chose (a chocolatey brown). It was golden. Even if the stain hadn't set for long enough before being wiped off, the floors should at least be tinted brown- nope they are golden. This isn't a HUGE deal because I only thought we would be able to get them sanded and urethaned anyway, but when someone tells me that they will do something, I expect it! I was excited for the brown floors!

3- The workers had taped up a plastic sheet between the kitchen and the living room... WITH MASKING TAPE! Of course when they peeled the tape down, they also peeled off a strip of our freshly painted walls and ceiling. Awesome. They even left some tape for us to see that they didn't use painting tape.

4- One of the screens was pushed out and just left on the ground outside. All of the windows in the house were open, and left open while the house was unattended, whether their were screens/storm windows in or not.

5- When John touched the floor it felt unfinished. Apparently they hadn't done the second coat of polyurethane yet. They were supposed to do it in the morning, but by 4 PM it still wasn't done. Around 5 (after John called the office), they showed up to do the second coat.

6- When John called our estimator/sales guy to talk to him about these things and try to pay him, the dude just sassed him and completely didn't care that things were a mess. John eventually got ahold of a boss who DOES care. He is coming out on Monday.

Whew. Even through all of that- I will have fresh floors and furniture in the house tomorrow!

Justine  – (September 11, 2009 at 6:59 PM)  

Ugh! What a pain about the floors!! I hope everything goes well with the move!!! :) I bet you are SO excited!! :)

Leslie G  – (September 11, 2009 at 9:36 PM)  

So exciting! I bet you can't wait to get all settled in- I'm sure everything will go smoothly!

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