Trees Be Gone!

Yesterday we had some tree guys come out to take down a couple of trees who were too close to the house and had branches hanging over the roof. Because they were hanging over the roof, there were spots that were mossy- we wanted to make sure to clear that up before the roof got soft and we had water damage. Plus, we didn't want to chance any of those branches falling on the roof.

All together, it cost us less than $900 to have a professional (and insured!) company come and take down two trees and remove several more branches on other trees. They also cut up the removed trees into firewood (we don't have a fireplace, but will have bonfires/campfires), and they took all of our piles of brush and shrubbery that we had already removed. I'm sure they make it into mulch to sell, so it benefits them as well as us!

The hole where two trees used to be!

front of house by humphreyswedding.

My little naked and lonely house!

John gets home a couple of hours before I do, so when I get home every day, he tells Jaq that I am home. Jaq will run to the door to wait for me. It is even better now that we have a front door that he can see out of!

Little kitty head waiting for me.

A couple of nights ago, I finally cleaned up the front yard from moving. We had a grill, a sled, cardboard, plywood, and a bunch of random plants littering the front yard. I moved the grill to the backyard and found homes for everything else. The plants are all in pots since they had been on our apartment balcony, so I placed them all on the front "stoop."

Lastly, make sure to check in tomorrow- big things are happening!

Meredith  – (September 17, 2009 at 9:39 PM)  

I am so impressed with all your progress! You guys have done WAY more than we still have!

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