So while John was gone, I did some random projects.

1- Yes, they are overdone now, and cliche, but I love me some mod-starbursts. I got this one from West Elm. It resides at the end of our hallway and it is the perfect proportion for that space. (Okay, I just went to West Elm's website- it is all re-done and the mirror is gone! Apparently I ordered just in time!)

2- I painted the living room! It is now an awesome gray. I wasn't feeling the tan from before. It always felt too pink to me and the gray just feels so much more modern. With the new paint, I removed the "outer" curtains so now all we have hanging are some red silk ones that I got on clearance at BBB for my first apartment.

Now, let's all remember what the living room looked like before:

And here is it's current state:
I got two new pillow covers (on the chairs) from Etsy, as well as a couple gray pillow covers (on the sofa) from Ikea.

(Ahem, the coffee tables is on it's last legs- HEY OOOO. I have new legs on order in the mail and will be "creating" a top for it. The new table will be much better proportioned for our living room space, as well as the rug. Also, notice that "decorative" bowl strategically placed on the table? That there is where John's heel went through the Ikea particle board during a frustrated moment of video game football. Two years ago.)

Okay, dark picture, but a closer shot of the new pillow covers on my sweet Eames replicas and the roman shades I made with a shower curtain and our old mini-blinds! A shower curtain was the way to go- it was exactly enough fabric for both windows, a sweet gray and only $10!

Oh yes, I also finally hung my fabric print from Africa. There will eventually be artwork on teh right side of the clock as well.

J- I also bought a couple new knick-knacky things and re-arranged the shelves in the kitchen. I like them much more now.
The mirror resting on the chair will be hung once John is home. The hooks are all weird on it- too much math for me.

10- Okay, I didn't actually do this while John was gone (actually I think I did do them the last time he was away for work, in June), but I also made spice racks for the kitchen. Before my plethora of spices were shoved on one of those tiered racks in the cabinet, but they all avalanched out on me every time I tried to pull a bottle out.

I based these off of a little leaning picture frame rail and just adjusted the depth to accommodate my largest spice bottle. They were finished off with red glossy spray paint.

Voila... now I can see all of my spices, they are within quick reaching distance and I don't scream every time I open that cabinet. Plus I have new red in the kitchen!

Pam  – (July 30, 2010 at 12:39 PM)  

Look at you!!! Everything looks awesome. I esp love the framed colored prints!

Faith  – (August 1, 2010 at 3:37 PM)  

you did an amazing job! i love the gray!

we also have red in our kitchen! love all your ideas!

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