House Updates...

Well there hasn't been a TON of stuff going on here, but there are a bunch of small updates that make a big change in the feeling.

Kitchen/Dining Room:
John finished putting down the new floor! It feels so nice and clean! AND I can now walk around barefoot!

the new kitchen floor! by you.

the finished kitchen/dining room floor by you.

Still to do:
-Get a pantry and clean up the counters
-Hang blinds in the windows
-Get a light fixture for over the dining table

Living Room:
We hung the ceiling light/fan. Also you will see our furniture in place, along with the curtains! It is very messy- we still aren't fully unpacked and I wasn't actually planning on taking pictures.

New ceiling fan/light by you.

living room by you.

From the front door.

The living room by you.

From the dining room.
wall to the kitchen from the living room before by you.

The fix for the broken bifold doors at the entry closet by you.

My fix for the broken bi-fold door at the entry closet.

Still to do:
-Pick up/organize
-Fix the blinds in the window
-Hang artwork and pictures

I've gotten all of the books put away on the bookcase so we were able to get a big stack of boxes out of the room! I also painted the bulletin board frame (with some help from Jaq) so that it is black like the rest of the furniture in the room. Last, we hung a shelf over the desk and bulletin board.

Jaq helping.

Clearly not very organized yet, but here is the desk with the
new matching bulletin board and a shelf above.

The office/bookcase by you.

Still to do:
-Touch up the orange paint next to the ceiling
-Give the trim a second coat of white
-Build and install shelves in the closet.
-Hang blinds that I ordered in the windows
-Hang some white shears
-Hang artwork and diplomas
-Eventually get baskets to replace the red boxes

This room is pretty much finished for now. We are planning a complete gut for the early spring, so we didn't want to do too much- just make it clean and comfortable.

subfloor under the toilet by you.


The bathroom by you.

My temporary shelving solution by you.

My temporary storage solution.


The bathroom "artwork"- samples that I got from work and then framed.


Master Bedroom:
This room has fallen behind. We have not done much in here at all. All I will show you is the paint color next to our curtains. :)

Still to do:
-Hang blinds
-Fix curtains
-Make headboard
-Hang artwork and pictures
-Hang mirror
-Get another hamper to solve the clothes problem

Guest Bedroom:
Ummmm this room is still a mess. Nothing further.

Justine  – (October 6, 2009 at 10:24 PM)  

It looks so great!!! :) I am very impressed!! :)

Anonymous –   – (October 7, 2009 at 7:44 PM)  

WOW! Looks great! I love the idea of having the samples framed for wall art. Very cool!

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