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I've been a little MIA, other than some cooking posts. What is new?

  • I started a new job about a month ago. I.LOVE.IT. My old job was... not a good situation anymore. Really it hadn't been for about a year and was just getting worse. There used to be ups and downs, but they started to just be downs. I loved the people I worked with (honestly some of my best friends) and HUGELY miss them, BUT I needed to get out. I dislike change, but there was going to be change whether I was in a better place, or I was stuck behind and everyone else moved on. So I jumped ship. I make less and travel 30ish minutes further (an hour each way), but it was a good decision.
  • I love where I live. My yard is awesome. Last weekend was two perfect, sunny, cloud-free days.
Lucy jumping for the ball in the middle of the trees.
  • Jaq was in the hospital again last week. He was there in the beginning of March because his pee-er got blocked. It happened again last week. They were concerned because the last visit was so recent and there is no way to prevent the episodes. They are caused for unknown reasons and make his urethra swell up and spasm, not letting pee pass through, his bladder gets overfull, and it could be life threatening. Eeveryone advised us to have a surgery that basically turned his boy parts into girl parts, removing the portion that would get blocked. We went ahead and did that so now his life will not be in danger due to an exploding bladder, high counts of bad stuff in his kidneys, etc. but that whole area will still spasm and swell. Instead of overnight hospital visits, we can now treat him right away with antibiotics and pain meds. He has a kitty cone of shame right now and will have it for another week. With his vet/hospital bills in the last couple of months we could have had a few very sweet vacations. Spoiled kitty.

  •  I have a new nephew born on Monday. I can't wait to meet him!

Okay.. apparently there was really not all that much new, and I was not around due to laziness. Oh well.

Faith  – (May 24, 2012 at 3:37 PM)  

Loving your job is so important. Somedays I truly hate my job and wonder if it is worth it to stay. But then somedays it really isn't bad. I hope that I'll be able to know soon if this is the place for me.

So sorry to hear that Jaq got sick again. Makes me so sad :( Hope Jaq is doing better and stays well!

Congrats on your new nephew! I just got a new one on the 16th.

And thank you so much for your thoughts and comment on my post. It is so greatly appreciated :)

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