Rebecca & Eric: Wedding

My sister got married in June at my parents' house in Virginia on the lake. It was very much a DIY wedding. 

For the last year since my parents bought the house, they and my sister (who lives there full time while my parents are in NY) have been fixing it up and preparing for the wedding. The house itself was in kind of rough shape when they bought it, so there was a lot of cleaning, painting, etc. to do. My dad went down last Thanksgiving to New Year and actually tore out the old (very non-functioning) kitchen and put in a new one. 

My sister and Eric also prepared the landscaping and other random things around.

Even the flowers planted were pink this year.. You will quickly realize what the wedding color scheme was..

After/during the first kiss, one of the neighbors whose boat house is in the background shot off a cannon that he has! Other neighbors across the lake set off fireworks at supper time.

We got down to VA on Friday around lunch time and were quickly put to work (with a bunch of other family and family friends that got there early) ironing tablecloths, putting out place settings and other random chores.

On the boat house before the rehearsal dinner. Also- there are 3 of us in this picture and we didn't know it for 2 more days.

Saturday morning was a flurry. First thing we (my mom, sister and I) started making the table centerpieces and then shortly moved on to the corsages and boutonnieres.

My dad and John were sent out to get balloons for the driveway.

I didn't even get to work setting up the cake until the flowers were all cleared from the kitchen island and then as soon as I finished with the cake I got dressed and then ran around doing last minute things... like putting flowers on the tables, etc.

Eventually it was wedding time, the caterers showed up and basically took over the other prep/setting up. They were awesome.

No one could figure out the bustle. Also? Fancy bouquet I made there, eh?

And he had had absolutely nothing to drink besides sprite.

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