Amanda's Shower

Amanda's shower was this past weekend. It was so much fun and I LOVED having an excuse to make a bunch of food (though it was WAY too much).

The entry table with the card & envelope guestbook and the recipe box was there as well.
The guestbook cards all had different sentence starters on them: "I predict that in ten years..." "On your first anniversary don't forget to...", etc.

The food table.

Veggie Pizza.

Turkey Enchilada Rollups (and a good view of the food label cards)

Chocolate covered strawberries.

Cake ball pops.

The cake. I made the cake topper :) The cake got a little dome-like. The bottom kept sliding out :(

Some veggies, dips, chips and bread.

The drinks in dispensers- lemonade and iced tea. We used these at the wedding.

Cutting the cake.

The inside of the cake. It was supposed to be blue & green- its more green and green..

The presents.

Amy (co-hosted with me!) had us play a game that involved sniffing spices to try and figure out what they were.
After the first one I had to quit because I got sneezy and couldn't smell anything anymore.

Amanda had to answer some questions about herself & hopefully Ben's answers matched. This one didn't...

Custom embroidered ribbon!

Checking out the recipes. Her mom gave her one of her grandma or great-grandma's original recipes.

The presents at the end!

The Menu:
Turkey Enchilada Rollups
Veggie Pizza
Cream Cheese & Salsa Dip
French Onion Dip
Onion Soup Dip
Tortilla Chips
Potato Chips
Dill Dip in a bread bowl
Cake Ball Pops
Chocolate covered Strawberries

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