Christmas Treat Trays

This was our second year making Christmas Treat trays. Last year I took pictures of them for you all, but I never got them posted amidst all of the wedding goings ons. I'll show you the pictures this year instead :)

I got these gold chargers at the grocery store for a couple of bucks each. They made a nice background for the goodies, plus they are re-usable.

The trays included:
Oreo truffles
Cake balls
Chocolate covered Oreos
Cherry and chocolate sugar cookies
Rice krispy treats
Peanut butter cup cookies
Chocolate covered pretzels,
and in the red box, white trash.

This year we did trays again for family, our offices and some neighbors.

The trays this year included:
Oreo truffles
Mocha truffles
Almost a Candy Bar
Chocolate peanut butter fudge
Dipped Cherry cookies
Chocolate dipped pretzels
Sugar cookies decorated with royal icing

The kitchen in the process of assembling. The kitchen looked like this for pretty much a week.

For my immediate co-workers, I gave them some truffles in a cute little truffle box,

and a little loaf of some delicious salami and asiago beer bread.

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