2009 in Review

Got married & went on our honeymoon.

We had a sweet first married Valentine's day. John surprised me the next day with some more treats!

I started my first seeds for some flowers, celebrated my sister's 20th birthday by sending her a package and I signed up for my first professional exam- the LEED AP exam.

I co-hosted Amanda's wedding shower with lots of yummy treats and John and I went to Blacksburg for a weekend.

I took and passed the LEED AP exam, transplanted all of my seeds to planters outside on the deck, and we hit a deer, hurting my car. Also, we started looking at houses again and found our house!

I was a maid of honor in Amanda and Ben's wedding and then we put an offer in on the house. After just a couple of back and forths, we had ourselves a house!


John and I flew up to NY to celebrate my cousin Crystal's wedding on the 4th, John went to Utah for 2 weeks and then I had my 24th birthday.

We closed on our first (and last) house! The next day we headed to Virginia Beach for a week long camping vacation.

We made the first modifications to our house to get it ready for living in, followed the next weekend with painting and re-finishing of the wood floors and then we moved in! Lastly, my blog celebrated its one year blogiversary.

We made various house updates including a new floor in the kitchen/dining room, ceiling fans in the living room and bedrooms, and finishing cleaning up the bathroom. Also, John surprised me with shelves in the office closet.

On the homefront, the house got a driveway! The biggest item for November was my trip to Africa. What an awesome experience. Also, Thanksgiving this year was spent here in Maryland at John's parents' house.

The kitchen table got a new pendant light, Jaq learned to roll over, I did a buttload of work and baked in between, we had a giant snow and then John and I went to NY for Christmas.

Lastly, we celebrated John's birthday... today! Happy 24th birthday to my HUSBAND.. of almost a year! Jeez louise!

Not only does this bring in a new year, but a new decade. How much has changed in the last 10 years!?

In 1999 I began high school! Since then, I got my first boyfriend, got a driver's lisence, a car, graduated high school, entered college majoring in architecture, broke up with that boyfriend, transfered to Virginia Tech to major in interior design, met and began dating my future husband, moved in with 3 guys, moved OUT from 2 of them, graduated college, moved to Maryland to begin working in DC, got a cat, got engaged, got married, bought our first house. WOW.

So... what will 2010 bring? We will be going to California for a long weekend in a few weeks and celebrate our first anniversary, I will be going to Georgia for a weekend in February, our bathroom will be gutted and redone, I will take my second professional exam to get my lisence in interior design, my grandma will come from NY for a visit, I will host my sister in law's baby shower, we will welcome our first neice or nephew, I will turn 25 (holy crap!), we will take another camping vacation to a beach, head to NY for Thanksgiving, have our first Christmas in our house and then John will turn 25 also. Everything else will be a surprise!

Meredith  – (January 2, 2010 at 10:56 AM)  

It looks like you guys had an absolutely fantastic year--here's to 2010 being another wonderful one!

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